Photo courtesy of Martin Graf.


I’m an amateur photographer with a passion for wildlife both above and below the waves. I first started to get into photography when I was given an Olympus C-2020 Zoom in 2000. A few years later this made way for a Canon EOS 20D, my first ‘serious’ camera. I started to photograph anything and everything, from exotic travel photographs (or so I thought!) to long exposures of London buses crossing Putney bridge. In 2006, I took a camera underwater for the first time and since then that has been my main focus. More recently, my photography has returned to the land and specifically to birds and other UK wildlife.


My hope is that this site and the images on it convey some of my passion for wildlife. Hopefully you agree. Have fun looking around!



For those that are curious I'm a Canon shooter above the water and an Olympus shooter underwater. On land, I typically use a 7D Mk2 coupled with Canon's 100-400mm zoom and occasionally a 500mm prime. Underwater, I use an EM5 body and my go to lenses are a 60mm macro, a rectilinear fisheye and a 7-14mm super wide-angle zoom. My housing and ports are made by Nauticam and the strobes are by Sea & Sea and Ikelite. And of course there's the usual accessories by ULCS, i-Das, Inon, etc. etc.